*Pricing subject to change at any time

Description Unit size Size rent rate
Refigerated Walk-In (140C) 7 X 4 $140
Refigerated Walk-In (192C) 5 X 7 $190
Wine Walk-In (196C) 7 X 6 $190
Wine Walk-In (224C) 7 X 7.5 $210
Wine Area Cubby (18C) 3.5'X3.5'X2.5' $35
Wine Area Cubby (12C) 3'X3.5'X2.5' $25
Wine Area Cubby (12C) 3'X3'4"X2.5' $25
Wine Area Cubby (12C) 2'8"X3.5'X2.5' $25
Wine Area Cubby (8C) 3'X2'5"X2.5' $20
Uppers 5X5X4 $45
Storage 8' Ceilings 5X5 $100
Storage 8' Ceilings 5X7 $125
Storage 8' Ceilings 5X8 $135
Storage 8' Ceilings 5X9 $140
Storage 8' Ceilings 6X8 $145
Storage 8' Ceilings 7X7 $148
Storage 8' Ceilings 5X10 $150
Interior 12' Ceilings 5X5 $95
DU 12' Ceilings 10 x 15 $330
Interior Locker 4X5X4 $70
Interior Locker 5X5X4 $75
Interior 4X5 $45
Interior 4X10 $135
Interior 5X5 $95
Drive Up 5X10 $160
Drive Up 10X15 $330
Drive Up 10X20 $500
Drive Up 15X15 $550
Drive Up 15X20 $600

The Glendora, Stanton and Paramount storage facilities in Southern California are all supervised by us. Our self-storage establishment in Glendora, Stanton and Paramount offer a vast range of storage unit sizes. Glendora and Paramount also provide the rental of moving truck as well as moving and packing items. All of our Low Cost Storage locations in Southern California offer storage space, household storage space and storage units designed to meet specific needs. We offer monthly storage rentals, 24\7 storage entry, roll up and swing doors, drive in access, and coded central gate access. In addition, an on-the-spot storage manager will always be present ensuring that your possessions are in a setting that is both clean and safe.